Strategize and Conquer Your March Madness Office Pool

Alex Parrella

It’s that time of the year again! Print out those brackets and start filling in your winners, for who will come away with the ultimate prize, the NCAA National Championship. At PAN, we are consistently conducting thorough analysis on a daily basis to produce top of the line results for our clients across our genre of industries. So as March Madness kicks off this week, how are you going strategize your picks to win your office pools this year? Who knows, maybe you may even take home a billion dollars of Warren Buffet’s money for a perfect bracket…

According to USA Today, the odds of actually completing a perfect bracket are 1 in 9.2 quintillion. They say you would have a better chance of hitting four holes-in-one in a single round of golf. As a PR professional, I’m applying some of PAN’s Methodology for PR and social media in order to build a successful bracket. Here are some of the tactics I recommend you utilize:


  • Discover – Establish clear goals for yourself. Choose your teams based on pedigree and how they’ve performed in the past. You may receive a lot of points in the first two rounds of your office pools for correct picks, but don’t forget it’s not how you start, its how you finish.


  • Develop: Monitoring social media conversation amongst professionals – What’s the buzz going on around March Madness? As a fan, drive the conversation, and spark some debate on who’s the team to look out for. It could alter some of your decisions during the picking process based on what peers are saying. As a PR professional, our jobs include causing disruption in our clients markets. From discussing our thoughts and opinions with influencers we’re able to build new story ideas that’ll gauge the interest of those reporters we’ve been targeting.


  • Measure: What are some measurable outcomes from the past to define who may advance far in the tournament? By continually listening to what the media is saying about the more recognizable teams, you can adjust your strategy accordingly to gain more points deliver superb results. Very similar to our approach at PAN. Staying up to date on the news and where the focus is will get our clients that feature story they’ve been itching for.


Many people say there is not a clear cut winner in this year’s tournament, so be sure take advantage of both your traditional and social media assets, plan strategically and realistically, and come April 7th, you should be in great shape for competing for your own prize as the final two teams compete for there’s.

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