Are You Reaching Your Customers? Our Marketing Report Reveals How

Mark Nardone

It’s an exciting day for PAN Communications. We’ve just published our Content Fitness Test Report, a second annual study around content and consumption trends facing today’s marketer.

The study asked a variety of questions around content consumption, measurement trends, device usage – even times of day for when content was consumed most and revealed four key insights:


  1. Consumers still prefer a mix of traditional and social channels for news. Online websites still king but mobile rules all.
  2. Simultaneous, multi-device engagement is the new normal.
  3. Consumers unknowingly contribute to the fire hose of irrelevant content via sharing habits.
  4. Measurement is going through a growth spurt, but not fully matured.

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Excerpt from Content Fitness Test Report

How well does your content strategy map back to those insights? Chances are, you may need to tinker in a few areas; namely, content.

Marketers who treat their content strategy like a fifty-yard sprint, will get exactly what they deserve: peak performance over a short amount of time and distance.

Putting out content for the sake of content reminds me of those fixed carnival games where you throw a tiny ring out over rows and rows of bottles, hoping one lands in place. Chucking out wave after wave of irrelevant content is the same thing, only each bottle is your potential consumer. The odds are low that you’ll ever land more than a few. And then what?

The good news is, content strategy isn’t a fixed game. It’s something you can improve and perfect, just like an athlete in-training. It starts with analysis of your performance to date. Take a look at your target customer. Data, word of mouth and feedback loops should be at the ready – make a checklist – and scrutinize data and past decision-making, asking what can you add to your new program to improve performance. How are you really doing? Investing time and resources to better understand your audiences’ consumption preferences and behavior is an excellent place to start. You might be surprised, but you’d be the wiser.

I encourage you to read the Content Fitness Test Report and use the data and tips to assess your own programs. Let us know what you think about the report and data. What do they say about today’s consumer? Leave a comment below or tweet me @MarkCNardone.

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