For Impact, Think Only Shareable Content

Jessica Payne

We often receive assets like reports, whitepapers or videos as part of an initial launch or announcement, but what happens after the initial PR dust settles? Consider a shareable content program on social media to further PR efforts and drive impact. There are two kinds we've had success with recently at PAN Communications: factoids and memes.

Factoid Series:

You can easily turn any lengthy piece of content or research into a series of bite-sized factoids; creative images promoting a hero stat or call to action which – let’s face it – is a lot more interesting than a piece of content people don’t have the time to read. Visual content is here to stay and everyone knows image-heavy content drives the most shares on social media. Pull five data points out of your next ebook or Slideshare and front-load it with a compelling visual. Let the image do the talking and the social posts get right to the point, with a link and hashtag to quickly point traffic where you want it to go.

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Next to images, humor is a powerful ally when it comes to catching the attention of people on social media. If you followed what PAN Communications did for our client Carbonite around World Back Up Day, you’ll know memes are a great way of communicating a complicated message (b2c or b2b) to a wider audience and drive engagement. Visually, they are compelling which gives us even more freedom on the social posts.

What’s great about these programs are they are measurable and scalable. Spark a few ideas? Reach out to or tweet me @jpaynebu. Let’s brainstorm for your clients.

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