Is Multi-Device Consumption the New Normal?

Mark Nardone

It’s no surprise that digital marketing is exploding and the best companies are realigning their marketing programs to pave a successful, real-time path to purchase for their customers. As more brands are expected to stay two steps ahead of their customers’ journey, authenticity and multi-device engagement must remain top of mind. We consumers simply demand too much personalized attention at a greater speed than ever.

One brand doing it well right now is Titleist.

I love golf and was recently in the market for a new set of clubs. My journey started after I received a compelling email from Titleist highlighting their recent upgrades in the 2014 equipment I read on my smartphone. How did they know that I was shopping around? I immediately clicked on the promotion to begin my evaluation process. From there, I proceeded to Google for recent online reviews for the specific clubs and compared notes along the way. Later that evening, I thumbed through my Golf Digest hardcopy issue - which ranked all the equipment for 2014 available. Not fully convinced, over the next several days, I asked my most trusted network (friends, colleagues, head pro at my course) for their experiences and opinion. Taking this all in, after a few weeks, I decided to purchase the new clubs at my local sports store, in person.

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I walk you through this journey because my path to purchase could have broken off at any time – but Titleist, armed with great customer service, a strong quality brand and very relevant consistent messaging, kept me engaged throughout the process. On my devices and network of choice– and earned my business. How closely were they paying attention to my previous golf trips, purchases and social network? The more I think about it, the more I wonder just how in control I was.

As we look ahead, there’s no question tailoring content to fit real-time, multi-device consumption is mission critical. Just like Titlelist had available on their website and third-party sources. Every time I had a question, there was an answer, readily available.

In our recent Content Fitness Test Report, we look closely at user behavior around multi-device content consumption. The report yields insights on how consumers navigate the abundance of data from the loyal brands they follow via multiple devices. If you’re interested to learn about some of the latest trends in content consumption, check out our Content Fitness Test Report or email

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