Measuring the Impact of Media Coverage

Susan Frechette

The truth is, while numbers and data are at the heart of measurement, we must still apply to it the same creativity that we do to our PR programs. When our measurement practices become systematic or robotic, we lose the creativity that drives us to ask questions, to wonder what else is out there, to find new ways to understand and demonstrate the value of our work. That’s an approach that we uphold here at PAN. Sure, we have a measurement methodology, but it’s customized and continuously optimized to each program. It has to be.

While there are endless ways to measure a program, you have to start somewhere. Below, I’ve mapped out a number of different directions the measurement of a piece of media coverage can take. In the spirit of creativity, I’m certain there are many more twists and turns that can lead you down a path of discovery. But I hope, for now, it sparks some ideas.

What are your tips and methods for measuring the impact of media coverage? We have compiled a few other insights here.

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