Two PAN Employees Remember The Marathon Bombing and How It Made Boston Strong

John Pinkham

A year ago, the bombings at the Boston Marathon shook the core of our city. We were there when the bombs exploded, and fortunately spared from injury. We saw the terrible aftermath with our eyes, but we also witnessed something else that day. Immediately after the explosions, we saw the heart and compassion of the city. We saw fearless men and women – our neighbors and friends – rushing into the chaos to do whatever they could to help. We were in awe of the first responders, professionals and civilians, who provided help to the wounded.

One year later, and the attacks continue to galvanize the city in a spirit of camaraderie and pride. Boston has always been a resilient city – a fact that the locals will be quick to remind you of. Pride is instilled into every resident, native or transplant. There is pride in this city’s history, the sports teams, the growing economy and job market. So it should come as no surprise that when a couple of homemade bombs tried to knock us down, we stood up immediately and never thought of backing down.

There are countless iconic images from that day that will forever be remembered and ingrained into the history of this great town. The pride we all have in calling Boston our home was always assumed, always living below the surface. But last year on April 15, that pride showed itself enormously, and we all witnessed what it meant to be from Boston.

A year later, we still see signs of “Boston Strong” on every street corner. While we will never forget what happened, the city is looking forward and growing as one. Business is booming, new neighborhoods are vibrant, and Boston is entering a new era as a world-class city with an overwhelming amount of pride. Spring is a time of renewal, and we hope that the weather eventually catches up to the renewed spirit of our city, one year later.

We write this post to echo and support the countless others who’ve eloquently shared their reflections about their city and their sense of pride. And we’ve never been more proud than we are right now to call Boston a place to work and live.

Stay proud Boston – always.

--Adam Novak & John Pinkham




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