Red Sox Reflection: Corporate Rituals Celebrate and Motivate

Phil Nardone

The Red Sox Outing--it’s been a PAN tradition for many years. Of all our PAN events, it’s one of my personal favorites. Last night, we continued that tradition and celebrated what’s been a great year so far for our PAN team.

We pre-gamed at PAN, dining on picnic foods of all types as well as regional beers and wines. The fine fare was accompanied with great news when PAN vice president Gene Carozza announced the promotion of our colleague, Ariel Burch, to Account Manager — a well-deserved promotion! We also welcomed a new face to the PAN team as Jon Gregalis, A Syracuse graduate starting his PR career this Monday as a Junior Associate, was in attendance.

Then it was on to the confines of “Friendly Fenway.” Amidst the bustle of fans and hawkers, the glow of the famous Citgo sign and the smells and sounds of Fenway, I sat for a moment and just took it all in. In the grandstand with over 50 PAN staffers, I was proud not only to be a Bostonian, but also to be the President & Founder of a successful PR firm that has created an atmosphere of camaraderie and true friendship, while working diligently for our clients.

Red Sox lore is full of ritual and tradition. For a company like PAN, rituals such as our Red Sox outing, are important. It is a chance to get out of the office and connect with colleagues as friends on a human level. As friends, we can laugh together, which it helps our relationships and our connections with each other.

SoxSelfie1I credit the growth of our company to the strong interpersonal connection there is among our colleagues; it’s a connection that gets stronger when we attend events together outside of the office and it makes our teams better and more effective when striving to achieve our clients’ and our agency’s goals. When you celebrate, you signify progress to your goals. It’s good for the soul and good for the team.

As a society, we value work relationships nearly as much as we do our relationships with our friends and families. Most of us work together at least eight hours a day, five days a week and sometimes end up spending more time with our work colleagues than we do with our families and loved ones. That’s why it’s great to have the chance to know our colleagues a little better by sharing a beer, a cheer and baseball.

The Red Sox won last night. They rallied to come behind in the ninth inning to beat that Braves. In my book, PAN wins every day, and last night we celebrated winning Boston style, at Fenway Park.

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