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As we’ve mentioned before, sharable content is a great way to drive impact and encourage engagement.

On Sunday, dozens of brands engaged with the cult-like hashtag #MayThe4thBeWithYou. On Twitter and Facebook, Southwest, Oreo and others played into the Star Wars theme to promote their brands or products with a little humor and homage to the unofficial George Lucas holiday. It also appears many brands leveraged the holiday to test the waters with sharable content.

Data backup company Carbonite stayed true to its Star Wars roots and led a promoted Tweet campaign. At the advice of Twitter, their campaign began on Thursday. It reached 500,000 impressions, 60,000 valuable clicks and 351 retweets per the Carbonite Twitter analytics platform. Organic tweeting reached more than 42,000 accounts.



A nice end to the campaign culminated in Adweek picked up the Tweet in their round up coverage for the holiday. The story had some great pick up and sharing online – more than 902 shares via Facebook alone.

Sharable content can be designed for impact, but can also be considered as a standalone campaign. What we love about this particular campaign is that it drove the clicks that matter to a client and it wasn’t a hard product sell or promotional in tone. A “holiday” like this is a great way to engage with your consumers. Although it may feel like a deviation from your brand’s marketing, it is a great way to reach a built-in audience. For a small amount of time and money, the creative campaign spoke volumes in terms of Carbonite’s love for the Star Wars brand and found a smart way to get product messaging in there, as well.

At PAN, we had a little fun too...



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