Entering the “Real World” Isn’t So Bad

Courtney Laub

If you are a recent college grad like me, you have heard the phrase “prepare for the real world” multiple times. What does that really mean?

…Am I ready?

Whereas college certainly has its perks and I loved attending Boston College (go Eagles!), so far working in the “real world” hasn’t been so bad. Working at PAN has made the transition easier because the office culture is very casual and fun, yet my colleagues still value the concept of working hard. As a PR intern, I am faced with the tasks of completing weekly competitor and industry reports for my clients, as well as researching trends, and finding new reporters and publications to reach out to.

One of the main things I’ve learned so far is the importance of time management. Whether you are a PR veteran or new to agency life, this skill is the key to excelling in this industry. In college, time management is important, but if you wanted to procrastinate you could. At a PR agency, you are assigned different tasks for your clients and must make sure that you finish your work on time for all of your accounts. I personally have started making a to-do list every day, as well as jotting notes on post-its for my clients and writing each task I have to complete. Maybe I have OCD…but at least I’m not missing any deadlines

Apart from working hard and staying busy, PAN employees organize fun events both inside and outside of the office. Some recent ones include a mixed doubles tennis tournament and a 5K Reggae Ramble along the Charles River. Our increasing participation in these activities demonstrates the amount of office spirit that we have, and also forces us to stay in shape. We are #PANfit!

My favorite part about PAN so far is the people. I am lucky that everyone has been so welcoming, which makes me feel connected to the company even though I’ve only been here for a little over a month. Every morning when Phil, our CEO comes in to work he makes a point to say hi to all of us, which adds to the feeling of being a part of a “PAN family”.

Whereas I'm still trying to understand what it means to be living in the “real world”, I can tell you that I have definitely chosen the right path to begin my professional career. I am looking forward to continue building relationships with my co-workers, as well as with reporters as I start pitching ideas on behalf of my clients.

Maybe we don’t ever have to define what the “real world” means, as long as we are on a career path that makes us happy.

What do you think?

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