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We have a new tradition at PAN called PAN-stagram. Every 10 days or so, we pass along the PAN Instagram account to one of our employees to document life at our agency through their eyes. We also profile our PAN-stagram employee on Fridays on our blog, PRSpeak.

This past week’s PAN-stagrammer is Jonathan Gregalis. Jonathan is one of PAN’s newest employees and loves to story-tell using Instagram. He’s jumped right in the mix here at PAN! You can see his Instagram images on our Facebook page or by subscribing to our Instagram feed. Let’s find out more about Jonathan:

What's your favorite part about working at PAN?

PAN is unlike any other professional environment that I have worked before. Passion, commitment and excitement fills the office as everyone is committed to performing at a high level each and every day without fail.

I am most appreciative of the office's supportive nature and the way any employee--regardless of rank--will support, encourage and help a fellow colleague.

Why did you decide to work in public relations?

I was drawn to the ever-changing, evolving and exciting nature of the industry. Each day presents a new challenge and obstacle that must be met with creativity and strategic planning. I appreciate that no two days are alike and that my whole day's focus can shift with the arrival of one email or tweet. It keeps the blood flowing and heart pumping!

What's one thing you keep at your workspace at all times?

I have a collection of LEGO products, particularly minifigures, from when I was an intern for the corporate headquarters several years ago. I enjoy looking at them every day: they remind me that you can't take work, or yourself, too seriously and that creative, innovative thinking is key to success.

What advice would you give yourself ten years ago?

Save your money, you have expensive taste.

What's your favorite Instagram photo you've posted on your personal account?

There are so many that it's hard to imagine one being better than the rest. Nonetheless, the most ridiculous and spontaneous photo I have shared on Instagram was from this past fall. My fraternity held a philanthropy event in which we rented ponies for the day as part of the activities. I decided I wanted to ride one. I hopped on Sprinkles the pony and proceeded to wave to the crowd as one of my friends snapped a photo. It became the photo and moment that many on-campus came to know me by and I still chuckle to this day whenever I see myself in this photo wearing a pink suit and taking Sprinkles around the block.


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