Meet this Week’s PAN-stagrammer!

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Meet Alyssa Miron, our latest PAN-stagrammer! Alyssa loves to travel and would love to be a pastry chef caterer some day! Follow PANcomm on Instagram here

What is your favorite mobile app?

8Tracks. Nine times out of 10 you’ll catch me with my headphones jamming out to all sorts of music looking to discover new artists and genres. Here’s to hoping eardrum transplants are affordable in the future…sorry, did you say something??

If you were not in public relations what would you do?

While it’s hard to imagine a life outside of PR, you would find me in the kitchen (covered in flour) living my life as a pastry chef caterer. Fortunately I’m able to live out this dream on the weekends by baking for events, family and friends.

What one country/place would you like to visit?

As someone who wishes to travel to the four corners of the earth, I deem this question unfair! Regardless, I’ve had quite the itch to tour the Nordic region in its entirety to experience the rich culture and sheer beauty of these countries.

If PAN Communications was an animal, what kind of animal would the agency be?

A liger! It’s a cross between a lion and a tiger. I see PAN as a hybrid as well – one that evenly represents high standards of understanding our clients and their industries as well as supporting a creative environment with and a great company culture.

If you were on a desert island and only could bring three things, what would they be?

  1. Endless supply of music = endless island dance parties;
  2. The cast of Lost to help me fight off any polar bears and smoke monsters;
  3. Soap.

What do you think is necessary for a good client story?

Having a timely news hook and a punchy kicker in the end never hurt!

Twitter: @lysmiron

Instagram: @princessasmiron


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