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Lauren Kaufman

What is your favorite thing to do when on vacation?

I like a balance of relaxation and adventure when on vacation. Some beach time or visit to local attractions (such as Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse pictured below), depending where I am, and then throw in an excursion. In June, I tried tidal bore rafting in Nova Scotia, which was a wild ride! Class 4 rapids due to the Bay of Fundy extreme tides; yes please!


What was the last book you read and why did you like it or not?

Currently reading “The Interestings” by Meg Wolitzer. I like it so far… very descriptive and a great summer read, since it’s about friends that met at camp. I like books that are set in another time period or decade. “The Interestings” was set in the 1970s, but the last book I read was set in the early 1900’s. It’s fun to make comparisons and understand what life was like.


What do you think makes a good story?

Whether a PR pitch or a movie idea, the best stories are relatable in some way. You can see yourself as a character or you can level with the issue at hand. Even futuristic concepts should be grounded in reality. This can be tough when trying to explain some our technology and B2B clients!


How did you decide to work in public relations? If you did not work in public relations what would you do?

I enjoy helping the communication process. While studying at Emerson College, I was able to funnel that passion and focus on PR. There’s a magical combo of the right audience, message and timing that can springboard a client or campaign to success – it’s a great feeling when that happens.


It’s a hard call, but if I weren’t in a PR, I’d be either a geneticist or a massage therapist. I’ve always found the human genome interesting and find myself reading articles about rare disorders. However, I’m much too social to be stuck in a lab all day!


Rumor is that you had a career in the circus?

This rumor is true! I was in the Florida State Flying High Circus for three years, and worked at Callaway Gardens Resort as a performer for two summer seasons. Triple trapeze and balancing were my specialties!


Twitter: @erinlahey

Instagram: @erinspencer3

Erin Nova Scotia

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