Pounding the pavement to PAN every day: the benefits of walking to work

Alice Shepherd

Here at PAN, we put a premium on being healthy and happy – our wellness program (PANFIT) encourages us all to stay active and we’re always looking for fun activities to keep us moving and shaking. What better way to stay fit (and, let’s face it, sane) than walking to work?

A recent study by the Center for Disease Control found that only 5.4% of Massachusetts residents walk or bike to work regularly. Nationwide, the number is 3.4%. At PAN, we are proud to say that nearly 20% of our employees walk to work! (including me!)

Our prime waterfront location makes this a possibility for many of our city dwelling employees. Picture this…a pleasant morning stroll down the Greenway, coffee in hand, perhaps some Beyoncé tunes playing to get you pumped up for the day. Then an afternoon walk home, taking in the harbor along one of the walking trails right by PAN’s office, maybe mulling over what’s for dinner. It’s not hard to see why walking to work is good for the body and mind!

As a recent New York City transplant and PAN’s newest team member (today is Day 4!), I am loving my commute so far. In addition to being an amazing place to learn and grow, PAN’s proximity to countless places to eat, drink, play or soak in some history and culture make it an ideal location to take advantage of time spent walking to and from the office.

Check out the top five things fellow PAN walkers love about their commute:


  • “I love starting and ending the day with fresh air. It's also a good way to decompress at the end of the day. If I take the bus, I'm usually emailing or entering my time in vs. relaxing.” – Kevin Flight
  • “Since my commute is between two downtown locations I often find out about events happening in the neighborhoods I pass and then I plan my weekend around visiting these events. Last week, for instance I saw the setup of the Puerto Rican festival in Government Center and so I visited it on Sunday.” – Shelly Runyon
  • “I love walking to work- especially since I have a beautiful commute that takes me along the waterfront and through Christopher Columbus Park! I find walking to work is a great way to ease into the day (with an iced coffee in hand), and walking home allows me time to decompress and reflect on the day.” – Ariel Burch
  • “I listen to music and enjoy the city. It’s one of my favorite parts of living and working downtown. I walk about 1.5 miles each way, so it’s also a good way to stay active too!” – Lauren Kaufman
  • “Walking back home is a great way to get the blood pumping (I like to walk fast) while simultaneously clearing my head. I like to take this time to review all that’s been accomplished in the day and key priorities for tomorrow.” – Sarah Tatone

If you live in the city and are looking for a great commute, look no further! We are growing and hiring at all levels, so don’t hesitate to reach out to Liz or Elizabeth and chat about our opportunities!

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