Juiced up on Martha's Marketing Lessons at Inbound14

Mark Malinowski

When you think of a conference heavily focused on digital marketing, you don’t necessarily think of home icon Martha Stewart as a keynote speaker. But speak she did at #inbound14, along with making morning juice on-stage that I got to sample!

As Martha said herself said, the average age of the INBOUND audience members was 35 years old. That said, the huge audience was literally all ears as Martha explained how she started her brand, kept it focused, grew her empire and embraced social. Since 1997, Martha has grown Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. into a diversified media and merchandising company, inspiring and engaging consumers with unique lifestyle content and distinctive products. The Company reaches approximately 100 million consumers across all media platforms each month and has a growing retail presence in thousands of retail DIY_Martha_Stewart_Crafts_Host_allocations.

The big takeaway with Martha, is that she truly believes that the most successful people in business today have a passion for what they do and a curiosity to learn and be better. Martha’s mentors are cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead, filmmaker Steven Spielberg, and chef/restaurateur Nobu Matsuhisa. She said she learned and was inspired by them in different ways but one thing in common – they all helped her in business.

Here are some of the key highlights from Martha’s #inboud14 talk:

  • Keep your brand focused on its mission – Martha’s focus has and will always been centered the home (and all that means)
  • Set and scan trends. Martha’s current focus is the current trend of spotlighting skilled craftspeople and her American Made Awards does just that, it celebrates artisans and their crafts.
  • Push for ideas you believe in. For example, when Martha started her Kmart line the company did not believe that their customers wanted nice, quality linens. They were wrong, she was right.
  • Use technology to help you and others save time, ideally so we can do other things.
  • Remember that no matter what decade, content is king. Martha carefully curates and repurposes her 25 years of content and uses a lot of it for her social channels.








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