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Shelly Runyon

Last week's PAN-stagrammer was Shelly Runyon. Shelly came to PAN from a larger agency and has a strong background in technology PR. PAN-stagram is a regular feature on PAN's blog and spotlights our staff and their Instagram perspective of PAN agency life--you can follow PAN on Instagram here. Let's see what inspires Shelly!

What did you do on your summer vacation?

This year, I spent all my free summer time planning for and participating in friends’ weddings. I was lucky enough to visit Las Vegas, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Portland, Maine and Washington D.C., to support my friends and celebrate the love that they found!

Who do you admire most professionally and why?

There have been a couple people in my life that have positively influenced me professionally – this includes my former boss whose leadership style is patient and optimistic, and my friend Elly who is my gut-check. They are both fair and honest, and share an analytical mindset and intellectual approach to problem-solving that is inspiring. Another person that I learned a lot from is Connie Hale, the author of Sin and Syntax. She’s brilliant, talented, and funny, and is also a natural teacher who is willing to go above and beyond what is expected to ensure that the information she’s giving you is helpful and fun to learn at the same time.

What inspires you?

Travel to new places and meeting new people. Good nonfiction stories, podcast, movies, TV, long form journalism, anyway it comes I love to learn about it. My friends and family are a big part of what drive and inspires me, too!

How do you describe your public relations work to friends that don’t work in public relations?

We connect the dots between how a company is innovating and what trends reporters, and people at large, are talking about. If done well, a company will lead the conversation and become a trusted brand for businesses and consumers.

If you did not work in PR, what would you do?

I would write for a weekly or daily and teach English in some capacity – either tutoring English as a second language, or in a classroom. I’ve also done both of those things in my past and loved every minute of it. There’s nothing better than the process of sharing an idea with someone, debating its merits, advancing it and ultimately uncovering something new – something that I get to do in PR every day!

What is your favorite thing about PAN Communications?

The PAN people and the energy here. Everyone here is passionate about something and it really shines through in the work that they do. It’s the kind of environment where everyone pushes themselves while supporting their peers and it helps us all be better at PR!

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