Public Relations for the Life of Business: A PAN eBook

Mark Nardone

Are you an emerging startup that wants to grow? Are you hearing a lot about how you need public relations, content marketing, social media engagement and connections with influencers, in order to grow? Are you questioning why, when and how you do it? Are you wondering if you need to hire a PR agency or hire someone to handle PR?

As part of PAN’s continued efforts to serve as a resource on public relations, content marketing and social media, today we released Chapter 1 of our three-part eBook series about public relations for the lifecycle of a business. This inaugural chapter details what emerging and recently funded businesses should consider BEFORE signing on their first PR agency and/or hiring the resource in house. We provide a framework for emerging growth companies and recommend a four-step process for evaluating if a business is ready for public relations, and how that effort should be integrated into the startup mindset.

You can download the free ebook here: Public Relations for the Life of Business.

Please feel free to email us with any questions about the ebook, public relations or PAN Communications. In the upcoming eBook chapters, we will discuss today’s public relations approach for mid-size companies and then finally for large brands. Look out for the next installment in the first part of 2015.

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