Marketers Reaching Women: We’ve Come a Long Way Baby!

Mark Malinowski

Today SheKnows and BlogHer announced that they are merging to form “the most influential women’s lifestyle network online.” They stated that the combined company will reach an audience of more than 75 million unique visitors each month as well as have a reach of more than 147 million fans/followers across social media.sheknows-logo-large (2)_0

So, what does this mean for marketers? For one thing, it means that those who are trying to reach very specific groups of women now have a more nimble, direct, quick, relevant and effective channel to do so than ever before.

Think about it… with the combined company’s reach, you will be able to ideally target a very specific consumer segment/demographic and use that two-way channel to market a product, research a consumer approach with multiple audiences, pressure-test a new concept and/or develop content. For another thing, it provides a clear example of the next generation of “mass” marketing partnerships.

No longer static, one-dimensional and speaking to a vast crowd, ideally a partnership with SheKnows/BlogHer would allow marketers with flexibility in terms of creative, approach and content delivery. Ultimately, with that approach, marketing messages could be truly tailored to the individual and the organic nature and relevancy of the message would have the opportunity to go deeper with the intended audience. BlogHer_Logo

It wasn’t too long ago that the only way to reach women was to take a page from “Mad Men” and buy very specific print/broadcast advertising and dictate a one-way message. It didn’t really work well then, and it certainly doesn’t work well now. This is one case where it’s fairly easy to say: “the future's so bright I gotta wear shades.”

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