RSA Conference 2015 Kicks Off: PAN IT Security PR Team Mobilizes

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With our troops on the ground in San Francisco and a team tuning in to the Conference programming from mission control back in Boston, we at PAN are kicking of RSA 2015 with a bang. 

As a resource for our readers, here is a collection of links to Tuesday’s Keynote coverage written by our media friends in attendance:

Microsoft’s Vision of Cloud Security

Scott Charney, Corporate Vice-President of Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing, details what's wrong and what's right in security.

By Sean Michael Kerner


Scott Charney, Corporate Vice-President of Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing, delivers RSA Conference Keynote address on April 21, 2015. Photo credit: PAN Communications

Homeland Security chief outlines IT strategy to protect economy, nat'l security

The Secretary of Homeland Security addresses the growing number of attacks on cyber networks and the potential repercussions on the economy and national security.

By Rachel King

RSA 2015: Intel SVP looks to Moneyball story to inspire offensive strategies

By Danielle Walker

RSA: Panel calls NSA access to encryption keys a bad idea

Mandated access to decrypt communications would cripple privacy

By Tim Greene



 PAN team members watch the keynotes from our RSA Conference Mission Control 

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