RSA2015: Meet Passcode and Tell Your Story

Katelyn Campbell

With RSA Conference 2015 this month, PAN hosted Michael Farrell at our offices last week. Mike, a former Boston Globe tech reporter, is now the editor of Passcode, the new section of the Christian Science Monitor

Michael-FarrellWhat is Passcode?

Recently, The Christian Science Monitor launched Passcode, creating a section that dedicated to covering the intersection of technology, security, and privacy. It features longer, more in-depth articles with uniquely global perspective on the latest trends in cybersecurity, hackers and hacktivists, online threats, network vulnerabilities, Internet espionage, and surveillance in the digital age. Mike let our staff know that he will be publishing on both the Monitor's website and a new premium digital storytelling platform. They also send daily e-mail newsletters will news and commentary from the top 100 security influencers.  

How your clients can work with Passcode?

Passcode has a different demographic than traditional security trade publications. The demographics break down into three different groups: experts in the space interested in research, policy makers and general sophisticated audience who are curious about privacy and security. This isn’t the next security trade publication to pitch every single breach commentary to, it’s for longer lead and more in-depth story.  Clients can submitted contributed, sponsored and premium content for consideration but need to keep in mind the audience.

Beyond the publication, Mike let us know how he’s looking for sponsors to host more local security events. Ideally, this is an audience of 100+ people discussing the latest security trends with a panel of experts and a journalist as the moderator. This is a great opportunity for your client to be in front of many decision makers.

Upcoming Trends

Our staff and Mike had a great discussion around what’s next in security trends. Healthcare attacks like Anthem will continue to rise. Mobile is also susceptible to more attacks this year— via apps, mobile payments and devices. With the rise in IoT, it’s most likely that we’ll be seeing attacks on connected cars and a new phase of security threats. Stay tuned to Passcode for the in-depth analysis of it all.


Thank you, Mike, for sharing your insights with the PAN team and discussing the latest security trends!

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