Silver, Gold and Platinum: Vantage PR Celebrating 25 Awesome Years

Fran Bosecker

Twenty-five years in the PR world seems like eternity. How we managed public relations 25 years ago has completely changed. The days of sending out press kits via snail mail, engaging in a 15-minute phone conversation with an editor about your client and the must-have press release are long, long gone. So 25 years ago. Fast forward to public relations today and it’s a highly competitive mix of social media, content creation, digital marketing, thought leadership and SEO analytics, with a dash of a press release when major news happens such as funding, a company launch or a product first.

One thing that hasn’t changed, at least for Vantage PR, is obtaining consistent media results in top publications for our clients. We may not be big in size but we’re REAL BIG on results. The Vantage team is consistent, proactive and creative in obtaining results. Results include top coverage in media outlets such as The Today Show (in fact, twice this year), coverage in Popular Science, TIME, NPR, CNN, Huffington Post, Forbes, Fast Company, Inc., amongst others and in every tech trade publication you can think of.

We have also developed very strong relationships with key media and analysts as well as partnerships with our clients that are long term. To make sure the bar is raised, we challenge ourselves creatively on a daily basis while adapting quickly. As mentioned above, a lot has changed and continues to change so as PR experts we need to adapt quickly and think about campaigns far more creatively than before. Whether it’s reaching out to editors on social media, incorporating a trend in our pitching efforts, or offering a solution and its benefits to an ongoing problem, we make sure to stay one step ahead and always think about how to get our clients into the

As we celebrate our silver anniversary and continue to excel with client coverage, we’ve been making sure to capture a lot of gold awards for our clients as well as our firm. As our most recent news release says, Vantage PR’s Trophy Shelf is Getting Tighter with Two Prestigious Award Wins in One Week.  On the client side, to name a few of the most prestigious awards these include: the Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award (5 times) and World Economic Forum Technology Tech Pioneers (4 times), as well as MIT Technology Review’s lists of 10 Breakthrough Technologies and 50 Smartest Companies.

Along with obtaining great results and winning top-level awards, another key part of our success has been our commitment to being a great partner. We can attribute this to our longevity as a PR firm and the ability to keep strong relationships on the PR and media side. An illustration of our success with clients is that 66% of our new business comes as referrals from executives, media and analysts with whom we have worked. Moreover, we currently have eight clients that have partnered with Vantage for almost six years. To add to these impressive numbers, we had a client relationship that lasted for 13 years, even following a few acquisitions.

While we make sure to continuously go above and beyond for our clients and evolve our organization quickly to embrace the latest services, we do this while having fun, too.  We love the motto “work hard, play hard.” We find great results begin with a great team. A team that is energized by their co-workers to achieve top results each day starts with a great company culture. An article by account manager, Stephanie Waxman, shares some of the great ways Vantage PR has built its company culture.

For the past 25 years, we have plenty of great stories and initiatives to share. Way too many for this blog post! But as we celebrate our silver and continue to strive for the gold, we owe it all to the lady at the helm, CEO Ilene Adler that decided 25 years ago that if she was going to have well-written marketing materials for the company she was working with, she was going to have to do it herself. Thus, she started her own PR agency that would be focused on understanding technology to communicate it accurately to tailored audiences.

Ilene has the sales background and business-savvy to know that PR needs to address the bottom line and assist with sales opportunities. She also has an amazing energy for giving back and was recognized for her hard work as a recipient of PR Daily’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Her most recent recognition names Ilene as the 100 most influential tech agency PR execs globally.

Twenty-five incredible years down and plenty more to go as we aim for our gold and platinum anniversaries…just around the corner.

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