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Alice Sol

Reading the news is a constant part of our lives and, as PR pros, a crucial part of our job. Not only is it important for us to stay aware of the big trends, it is equally vital for us to understand the current landscape and what competitors are doing. Staying informed and on top of relevant trends has been made a lot easier with the growing accessibility of technology. We are now able to access news at the touch of a button on a variety of smart devices and pinpoint the exact way we’d like to receive our news. With the innovations that have allowed us to access a greater amount of information, there has also been a new rise of sources that have allowed us a variety of news.

Image from Dennis Skley used under CC license.

I asked some members of the PAN team where they prefer to receive news from. Can you guess what they had to say? 

  • Stephanie Kannan, Senior Account Executive:My favorite place to get news is Twitter. It’s the easiest and quickest way to see what’s trending, be up to date on your reporters and outlets since it’s all in one place. I love how I can just use the Twitter app on my iPhone and check out the day’s headlines while commuting to work.”
  • Marki Conway, Account Supervisor: Twitter – I keep TweetDeck running all day and have columns to sort out different topics or key people I consider thought leaders or who share good content. Newsletters – I know sometimes they can get overwhelming if you’re subscribed to too many, but they really are a good news source if you’re choosing the right ones. One of my favorites is the Wall Street Journal’s CMO Today, which is jam-packed with content, much of it focused on how OTT is impacting the advertising industry.
  • Lisa Astor, Vice President: I guess it depends on what type of news I’m looking for. I watch the local news and the Today Show for a quick update of the morning’s headlines before I head into work just to be up to date. For general tech and business news, I scan the Globe, Journal and Times when I get into the office and then tend to check out Wired, TechCrunch, InfoWeek and more targeted tech pubs for industry-specific news. And of course, I read plenty of “nonsense” news pieces found in my Facebook feed! :)
  • Jenny Gardynski, Account Supervisor: My favorite place to get news is on Twitter. I typically keep it open throughout the workday and also read through on my mobile app during the commute both ways. Always good to scan first thing in the morning and then again shortly after 9 am ET for any big news. It’s a great way to catch breaking news, trend jacks, what stories reporters are working on and more. They key is following the right accounts – so I follow relevant reporters, outlets, influencers and analysts so I can catch the right news.
  • Alyssa Miron, Account Executive: While I find Twitter and Facebook are the first to alert me of what’s going on in the world, I do enjoy apps like SmartNews that categorize news based off of their subject matter (world, US, biz, technology, lifestyle, etc.)
  • Michael O’Connell, Senior Account Supervisor: Twitter's evolved from a collection of frivolous thought bubbles to an indispensible source for news dissemination. People I respect in tech, sports, music and politics share what’s important to them — and that makes it important to me. 
  • Meaghan McGrath, Assistant Account Executive: My favorite place to get news would have to be The Daily Skimm. I look forward to reading The Skimm on my train every morning— it is a great resource to keep me informed of national and global news and never fails to make me laugh!

While we have become pretty reliant on social channels (a relatively new discovery) to gather information, what remains the same is that news is still arguably the most important part of our role. We may prefer to receive it in the form of a 140-character Tweet instead of a physical newspaper but we can all agree that the importance of remaining aware of news on a daily basis is vital for success.

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