The Role of a PR Agency in Effective Media Relations

Michelle Wu

To truly understand how a PR agency can benefit your company, you first need to understand why it is effective to maintain relationships with the media. The goal of this blog is to emphasize the significant role of the media as well as why and how a PR agency is a great partner in fostering relationships between the media and your company.

The Public Relations Society of America’s website defines public relations as “a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” Publics in this definition refer to stakeholders: groups or individuals that have an effect on the achievement of an organization’s objectives.  The media can be considered a highly influential public because it is both intervening and influential on behalf of a company. Editors and analysts not only form opinions and pass information to target audiences, but are also depended on for this information.

Ultimately, a PR Agency can help your company achieve its goals by identifying and maintaining relationships with the media. Here are 3 ways they go about doing this:

  1. An agency will identify relevant editors, analysts, and publications to your company’s industry. This is a key step for reaching your target customers, building thought leadership and improving brand image. For example if an anti-malware enterprise wants to reach audiences interested in its software, an agency will contact relevant publications such as Infosecurity Magazine.
  2. An agency will act as a liaison or coordinator to the media on behalf of your company. This means that the agency will take the initiative to introduce the reporters and writers to your company while also representing you with the accuracy and appeal.  An agency will also handle logistics, such as coordinating editor/client interviews, in person meetings at events, and more.
  3. An agency will nurture relationships with editors. Communication between public relations agencies and the media goes both ways. Communication must be balanced between agencies and publics through cooperation, research and understanding.  Nurturing relationships with the media lead helps ensure that when the time comes to pitch news and story ideas, editors pay attention.

My 3 months at Vantage as a full time, student intern has taught me more about tech PR than I could research on Google or learn in class. I witnessed first-hand the importance of the media, and nurturing effective media relations through the hard work of my co-workers.

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