The Ultimate Design Tool for Presentations

Rebecca Haynes

While there are many free or low-priced design tools out there, visme should definitely be at the top of your list.

visme is a free presentation and graphic design tool that helps you build custom presentations, infographics or banner ads. With all of these various tools being offered, the one that stands out as the most valuable is the presentation tool.

Below are some noteworthy benefits to using visme for your next big presentation.  

1) An Abundance of Template Choices  

Starting from scratch is never fun and can make creating a presentation extremely overwhelming. With visme you can choose between tons of templates that fit your needs. The tool provides you with 13-14 slides within each presentation template, saving you time and giving you creative ideas right from the get go.


2) Customization

While pulling from templates is nice, you ultimately want your presentation to be unique and customized . visme makes this extremely simple. Below are some of the ways that you can customize your presentation to your liking.

1. Pictures – whether you are pulling pictures from Flickr or just need some quick icons on the fly visme provides you with both. The benefit to this is that you aren’t wasting time on Google or your own archive because these images can be found right inside visme, with an easy to use search function.

2. Charts – most of the time when you are providing a graph or chart in your presentation it’s because you are trying to reinforce an important point or claim in your presentation. visme makes these graphs stand out due to their vibrant colors and various icons available. These added features make the graphs visually appealing so that you can get your point across more clearly.

3. YouTube Clips – if you have an interesting clip that’s relevant to your presentation, all you have to do is insert the link to the Youtube clip. You are customizing your presentation even further if you choose to include an original video.

These may seem like small features but when it comes to design its all about attention to detail.

3) Private or Public? The choice is yours.

When the time comes to share your presentation you’ll want maximum exposure to get the most out of your findings. Even those absent from your presentation will get the chance to see your work. Choose from a simple PDF download or go the extra mile and publish your presentation online. You have the choice of sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or embedding it on your website, blog post or online portfolio. However if this presentation is confidential to your company you have the option to keep  it private and secure.

Given that this tool is free it’s definitely worth trying out and switching over to premium if you enjoy it. The payoff of a great presentation is huge. It could lead to your next customer or even your next promotion!

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