The Year IoT and Big Data Changes Everything

Gene Carozza

New technologies are emerging almost every week that can collect, sort, analyze and monetize the plethora of data available and are sure to have a profound impact in the way people live and the way employees work.And the opportunity to showcase real thought leadership, education, expertise and advice in these areas opens up immense market opportunities for everyone and every company bringing to market new products and services in this industry. 


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For example, a recent report from Gartner caught my attention because it neatly captures the top technology trends of 2015 and offers tangible ways these technologies can or will be utilized.  The report, “The Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2015” does a deep dive into the more popular topics trending in the IT industry.  What caught my eye especially is the exploration of IoT (here’s a great description from McKinsey), an area where many of PAN’s tech clients have significant plays.A few paraphrased snippets from the report:

  • Richer and more detailed information gathering, such as the booming trend of using sensors to gather data from various sources, will lead to information overload.
  • The ability to put sensors and devices in almost every part of operational technology is providing new ways of operating and managing equipment, and blending this operational technology with information technology to create new products and services.  Essentially, this is connecting Big Data analytics with the systems that run the business so that new insight can be driven into value creation.
  • New digital business solutions involve the blending of things with people and organizations to create an ecosystem of services. As an example, Gartner cites devices such as activity monitors and wearable devices to track health are coming together with advanced analytics and interactive collaboration by medical organizations to provide real-time healthcare services. 
  • Connecting all disparate things is inevitable; some things are inside a company’s four walls, and some things that are not.

IOTThink of the Internet of Things as the Infrastructure of Things. We have machines, sensors, and applications and wearable devices – and all of these things are fully interconnected. We can capture data about almost anything that is going on at almost any time and get to almost anywhere. With all that data available, what in the world do you do with it?  Combing through this stuff, make some intelligent decisions, understand the capabilities and ramifications, and then task back out what everyone should do to accomplish some grand, glorious thing.

The amount of data being gathered is, and will continue to be, overwhelming.This bodes well for any technology vendor involved in data analytics, data integration, Big Data, Business Intelligence and infrastructure design, among others.  The interpretation of what’s happening, the detection of actual or predicted events, how to appropriately respond to the actual or predicted events, and then deploying the required tasks of all the “actors” to go do their part to optimize the response to that event is where the IoT starts to become mainstream. 

And because of this, 2015 is going to be a promising year for many tech vendors in this space.

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