Treat Every Customer Relationship Like a PR Opportunity

Jane Vaden

In the B2B world, customer acquisition is the driving force of a company’s marketing and sales initiatives. It’s no secret that your marketing and sales teams work hard to bring on potential customers and even harder in order to get those contracts signed. Once signed, your sales team’s work may be over, but for your marketing team there is a whole new opportunity at hand.  

This is the time to consider what kinds of marketing and public relations opportunities can stem from your new customer relationship. Your customer’s participation in these efforts, some of which I have outlined below, can not only gain their company visibility but can strategically place your company in front of other potential customers.

  • Press releases. Is your customer willing to announce their investment in your company? Having a customer participate in a press release can be a way to show company momentum and is a good time to reach out to press with news of your company’s success.
  • Tradeshows. Tradeshows are important for not only building thought leadership in your industry but a great place to pick up sales leads. With a customer that is able to attend and speak in a session or panel with you at a conference, you can add to your sales story.
  • Press outreach. Press love to talk to customers about their experiences with a company. A customer that will participate in interviews can only help to improve your outreach efforts. A customer’s input empowers the press to make their articles on your company or product more credible, and is also a way to develop trust between your business and your target audience.
  • Sales materials. Case studies play a pivotal role in increasing potential customer confidence in your companyHaving a customer that is willing to talk about a success story regarding how your product worked for them can give those hesitant potentials the extra boost they need to sign on. While case studies can primarily be used for internal sales purposes, the information can also be used for press outreach! Especially with trade publications, many want to hear about customer experiences so that they can provide their readers with more in-depth information that shows your expertise in the area. An even bigger bonus is that a case study can show specific examples of how you stand out from your competitors.
  • Social media. Are your customers willing to share their experience through social media?  Even a quick tweet about your company’s product and how it’s enhancing their services or a guest post on your company’s blog about their experience working with your company can have a positive impact.  This is a great way to continue the customer relationship and opens the door for potential leads to see how your customers are viewing your services and how they are improving their companies with them. As transparency is becoming more and more significant to a company’s reputation, it is even more important to have material from customers that is provides insight into your services.

Overall, there is a lot of opportunity for you and your customers to work together in order to gain their company and yours additional publicity. So as you begin your customer relationships keep in mind the potential that can be had by simply opening the conversation to which public relations activities the customer is willing to participate in and explaining why it can be beneficial to their sales and marketing efforts.

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