Twitter Essentials: Getting Started

Paige Verducci

The day has come where you want to immerse yourself into the world of social media and you need to pick a platform to do so.

But where do you begin?

Twitter is a great choice because it allows you to be connected through the internet in an easy, quick way with the maximum post only being 140 characters. Before getting started, there are just a few essentials that should be explained.


Your Handle

Twitter names are associated with an ‘@’ symbol in the front of the handle that you chose to call yourself. If you are creating a company or personal profile you should choose something that is relevant, short and unique to make yourself or your company stand out. It can be as easy as the name of your company, or if it is too long – a short way to say it so it’ll be easy to find. For example, the publication Read Write Web chose the handle @RWW, something easy to remember but unique to their company.

Your Picture

After you have decided what your Twitter avatar is, you will need to find a picture or image that matches as well. For personal accounts, choose an image that represents you and shows your face clearly. For professional accounts, logos are usually the best image to pick so it is easy for others to recognize you and not lose you in the world of Twitter. A major ‘no no’ is leaving your image as the default egg. Another thing not to do? Constantly change your photo/image. In the world of Twitter, people will begin to know you by your face and will get lost if you decide to change that. So, pick one you love and one that you feel represents who you or your company is… and leave it!

Your Profile

Creating a profile that is colorful, inviting and personable will help with the next steps. Add a couple of short phrases about who you or your company is so people understand why they should be following you. On top of that, add a little something about what you enjoy doing, but don’t elaborate too much with that 160 characters you have. Location is another thing you can include so that people can relate to you and where you are at.

Your Followers

Twitter is not the game of gaining the most followers, but the game of gaining the most relevant followers who will engage with you.  Once you have an understanding of who you would like your audience to be and what type of contact that target audience will be interested in, it’s time to start the search. The number one thing is starting with a strong profile, but if you have done the previous steps listed here, you are well on your way. There are numerous third-party applications that can help you find the influencers within your industry, such as Twellow or WeFollow. These tools can help you find not only your ideal influencer, but customers that you want for your own industry as well. These tips go for both personal or company. Look at your personal account as a brand that you are trying to sell, because in the end, you are promoting yourself.

Your Lists

Another great way to look for people is through Twitter lists. Twitter allows you to create your own lists, as well as view other peoples. This is not only a great way to stay organized, but also see who is following who and gain a sense of those in the industry. Getting started is also the hard part, so if you are involved in additional social media sites promoting yourself is also another great way to start your following.

Developing your handle, profile and following are key essentials to the setup of Twitter. but don’t forget there are many other tools and tactics that are important to understand when using Twitter daily.

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