Twitter Tools Part 2: Social Media Content

Staci Didner

Developing engaging, exciting, humorous and witty content is no easy task and companies need to do it on a daily basis. Chances are you’re going to need a little help. As luck would have it, there are some great tools out there just for this purpose.

Below I’ve outlined 6 of my top tools that will help you discover fresh content for your social media platforms.

1. Buzzsumo

By entering a topic, keyword or domain (login-free!), this site will pull relevant content and its corresponding social stats. If you don’t have an exact topic in mind, you can choose the new trending feature, which will pull up relevant content related to the topics that have been trending over the last 2 to 24 hours so you have options.1

As pictured above, you can choose from a variety of topics as well.

Pricing: Professional: $79/month; Professional + Trending: $139/month; Agency: $239/month; Enterprise: custom pricing

2. Nuzzel

Nuzzel is another resource. Unlike Buzzsumo, which curates content from all over the web, Nuzzel shows you what the people you follow are talking about. This site will pull articles along with the number of followers who shared it and what they said about it. As you may expect, this does require a login. But it is also compatible with your Android or iPhone device, so you can always be in the know.

Following is an example of the site’s layout. This is a great way to take the pulse of your Twitter network and quickly tap into major themes and news items.


Currently the site just requires you to create a login. After that, all features can be enjoyed at no cost.

3. Juice

This iPhone-compatible app is another option for those looking for help generating new content. Like Nuzzel, this app gathers information based off of what your followers tweet and will then send you relevant articles. A cool bonus feature is that it provides a few reasons and statistics on why it would be a good fit for your followers at the bottom of each article.

At this time, the app is free and available on iPhone devices.

4. Swayy

Although the best features for this one do come at a price, it just might be worth it. Swayy offers personalized recommendations of audio, video, visual and written content to share with your followers based on what you have shared in the past, or pre-defined interests:

Once selected, Swayy will create a dashboard for you that displays relevant content it believes will be of interest to your followers based on what you selected and what is currently trending in your circles. You can also connect your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts for further content generation.

As an added bonus, Swayy allows you to view analytics and clearly see the number of retweets, mentions, favorites and new followers you have gotten based on the content you’ve shared.


Unfortunately, the free version only lets you create one dashboard and won’t allow any additional team members. However, the paid versions can allow as many as 100 dashboards and up to 25 team members in addition to real-time analytics and weekly reports.

Pricing: Free: $0/month; Pro: $9/month; Business: $49/month; Agencies: $119/month

5. Twipho

As we all know, visuals are becoming a key part of creating memorable, clickable and sharable content. Twipho lets you search visual content on Twitter using keywords and hashtags.


If you’re looking to connect with customers or clients on a local level, Twipho offers the ability to find photos based on your location. This makes it a useful tool for tapping into and leveraging current events or trends impacting a local audience. For those reaching out on a larger scale, the site offers a way to see what people are tweeting – both images and content – based on specified themes.

Currently, the site can be used at no cost and an iPhone app is under development.

6. Bottlenose

Sometimes it helps to look at content development from a different perspective. A trend map is the perfect way to do this. A company called Bottlenose has developed what it calls a unified solution to ingest, analyze and interpret stream data. Originally its own, free tool called Sonar Solo, the company creates trend maps by taking any word, phrase or hashtag and mapping out the connecting trends associated with it based on Twitter activity.


In addition, Bottlenose will offer sharable content based on the keywords and hashtags that come up. Trend mapping has been used by numerous companies and major brands to better understand audience sentiment and responses to major campaigns. One example listed on the website was HBO, which used the service to gain insight into the interest and emotional levels of Game of Thrones fans during a campaign conducted between seasons. For this, Bottlenose analyzed massive amounts of data to not only measure sentiment, but map emotion, intent, psychographics and demographics in order to find what really motivated watchers.

Although the site looks like a significant improvement over the one-off Sonar Solo application that originally existed in its place, the comprehensive service offerings available through Bottlenose do come at a cost. However, for companies looking to take a deep dive into its Twitter audiences, this is a product worth considering and it has the added bonus of credible third-party validation to back up its claims.

Below are some of the key areas and offerings Bottlenose can address:

  • Risk and threat detection – identifying social media threats before they happen
  • Identifying new market opportunities
  • Analyzing industry and consumer trends
  • Consumer, customer or audience insights
  • Informing strategy and tactics
  • Analyzing trends in your enterprise or customer data
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Informing marking or creative strategies

Interested parties will need to contact a sales team member for pricing details. Likely, packages will be customized and pricing determined based on a company’s current needs.

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