Wedding Planning & PR: More Similar than You’d Think

Kristin Flynn


Image by Carl Zoch used under CC license.

We’re officially in the midst of wedding season and we’ve got lots to celebrate here at PAN. With nine employees engaged, there’s more than just attending weddings happening here this summer! There’s a whole lot of planning going on. Planning a wedding requires a lot of time, attention to detail and can be stressful – sounds familiar, right? I should also mention that it’s a lot of fun!

Since getting engaged last July, I’ve been in full wedding planning mode and now that my big day is less than two months away – I’ve relied on my PR skillset to help get me through the final countdown. Over the past several months, I’ve seen how working at a fast-paced PR agency has prepared me for planning my wedding. Below are just a few of the PR skills that have benefitted me and allowed me to stay calm – even when it’s a bit overwhelming.

Happy wedding season!

  • Organization: If you’ve worked at a PR agency, then you know staying organized is essential. When working on multiple projects at a time, it’s important to be highly structured. Over the years, I’ve learned that creating a to-do list every morning allows me to manage both internal and external deadlines, and ensure nothing falls off my plate. The same can be said about planning a wedding. Organization is key. Similar to the notebooks I have for each account, I’ve designated folders for each of the vendors I’m working with – each with a (never-ending) to-do list so that I can see what needs to be done, and when, and make sure I’m meeting the timeline I set for myself. Having separate folders also keeps contracts and important email chains filed away in a place that’s easy to find. 

  • Prioritization and multi-tasking: We’re getting down to the wire – with a little more than a month to go until our big day – and with so many details to finalize in the next few weeks, wedding planning has turned into a full-time job. Similar to working on multiple accounts simultaneously in PR, wedding planning requires the ability to prioritize your workload and deadlines, and be able to multi-task like nobody’s business. I’ve learned to focus on what’s most important and which items are the most time-sensitive.

  • Creativity: One of my favorite things about PR is the creativity that comes along with it. Over the years, I’ve worked on a number of really creative campaigns – based on ideas that mostly stemmed from an internal brainstorm session. I’ve learned that no idea is too big in PR – and what most would think is impossible, PR professionals seamlessly bring to life. Thinking outside the box on a daily basis has benefited me in my new role as a “wedding planner.” I’m constantly brainstorming ways to give our guests the most memorable experience possible and finding little ways to bring our personalities to life during the day – whether it be the invitations, escort cards or just the overall menu selection.

  • Having a team: One of the perks to working in PR is that you’re surrounded by smart team members on a daily basis. There are so many benefits to having a strong team surrounding you – you can bounce ideas off one another, solve any crisis that may arise and also work together to get projects accomplished. I’m lucky to have so many great team members here at PAN and also on my wedding planning team with my bridal party and, of course, my soon-to-be-husband.


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