What do Bento Boxes, Harley Quinn and Donald Trump have in common?

Marissa Fellows & Sarah Gruzca


Happy Halloween from PAN! We're busting out the Jack O'Lanterns and David Pumpkins costumes around the office today to celebrate. And, more importantly, we're taking a look at all of the online conversations about the holiday to see what spooky trends we'll find. What did we uncover? 

  • It’s a DC Comics versus Marvel fest this Halloween. Of the top five costumes searched this year according to Google, four are superheroes. What topped the list? Harley Quinn.It seems DC gets the prize in 2016, so be prepared to see lots of playful villainesses out and about this year.

  • Consumers are getting creative. DIY costumes account for 5 percent of the conversation online. And while knowing that nearly two thirds of the conversation on Halloween costumes is coming from women may not surprise you, having information like this in hand helps paint a clearer picture of buyers, based on what they’re actually saying – not what you think they’re saying.

  • Politics trumps other costumes this year. Donald Trump is one of the top costumes mentioned in online conversations (nearly 10% of them, in fact). Also in the running? Chris Christie Brinkley. Thanks to Stephen Colbert, this unusual celebrity mash-up is trending. Politician meets supermodel? Hey, stranger things have crossed our paths than that (though not many).

  • Hungry? So are people deliberating costume ideas, it seems. A bento box lunch is a leading costume idea circulating online right now, believe it or not.

  • Channel searches are changing. Surprisingly, fewer consumers were relying on Facebook to research costume options this year than other social channels. Twitter had the most chatter, followed by Tumblr and Instagram.

It’s not just spooks and scares around here: Searches like these can have a lasting impact on your integrated PR strategy. Knowing where the conversation is happening helps make marketing mix decisions that have greatest impact, and using data to make sure your brand is talking about the right things at the right time to the right influencers and audiences will take your campaigns from good to great.

Curious about how we can apply these same tools and logic to add some sizzle to your next event, campaign or news announcement? See what more we’re doing with discovery and analytics to customize our customer’s digital initiatives today.

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