What's Your Digital Reality?

David Saggio

Perception is said to be reality, but when it comes to your digital and social communications, perception can be misleading...and costly. The power and impact of digital is clear. Ninety-two percent of marketers say it’s important to their business, 84 percent of B2B marketers usie social in some form, and nearly 70 percent put dollars toward it. On the other end of the spectrum, however, 53 percent of social media marketers don't measure their success! In today’s digital and content marketing economy, everyone is a publisher and can syndicate content in text, image, and video formats. Because of this, paid, owned and earned media channels have converged with over $135 billion being spent on digital content creation (in 2014).

With the proliferation of new channels (Periscope/Meerkat), new experiences (Google Cardboard), and changing audience habits (video marketing), it’s easy to get lost and caught up in the buzz. To stay grounded and understand the reality of where clients are in their digital/social journey, there are some key questions I ask them as we formulate a digital strategy:

  • What is your priority? Are you having the impact you could? How do you know or measure that?
  • Do you currently have a plan that integrates your digital channels and efforts with your traditional programs?
  • What channels are you playing with in the digital space? What kind of experiences are you creating for your audience?
  • Where does your audience live online? Does that align with where you’re playing?

Simple questions to be sure, but the answers often lead to surprising answers and a lot of introspection. That’s why we created the PANdigital Reality Assessment. A ten-question, ten-answer exercise that takes less than 60 seconds of your time. What do you get? A snapshot of where you stand in your digital journey.

Every day PR, digital and marketing are further converging and success is being redefined. Put yourself ahead of that convergence. All it takes to start is a little bit of reality.

Once you’ve taken the assessment and want to talk, you can reach me via email at dsaggio@pancomm.com.

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