#Winning: PR Benefits From Renewed Google/Twitter Partnership

Sofia Coon

After a four-year hiatus, Google and Twitter have partnered once again to bring the “Twittersphere” to your everyday Google searches. While originally announced back in February, Google as of this month is now pulling tweets in real time through the Twitter “firehose” (that’s 9,000 tweets per second) into its searches. Twitter has been looking for ways to get its content out “to the masses” and hopes to have readers discover additional content on a topic by clicking on a tweet through Google. Kurt Wagner shares more about the partnership on Re/Code

This is great news for PR Professionals in order to find coverage or even new trend jacks faster than ever, but even more, this begins a conversation for our clients on how to best shape their messaging and content in order to have a strong SEO presence.

This is an opportunity for our clients to take a step back and make sure their posts are relevant and interesting, prompting those who find the content within a Google search to want to re-tweet or favorite the post. We also want to prove to Google and the potential new followers that our content is valuable. gt_image

This is also another chance to bring up the importance of influencer engagement. Though tweets will be picked up for relevant content, Google also still has its algorithm based on influencer status. By building these relationships a client has the opportunity to expose their content to a wider, more relevant audience, leading to more shares. Ultimately, Google pays more attention to influencers with lots of followers and it’s possible for our clients to be a part of it. 

In the end, while Google is adding Tweets to is searches, this is the moment for clients to step-up their Twitter game. Stay engaged, learn the system and maximizing reach will improve the likelihood of gaining traction once Tweets on the upswing.


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