American Heart Month and your Organization: the Perfect Partnership

Alice Sol

February means many different things to different people. For many it means the continued threat of more snow. For those looking forward to Valentines Day it means planning a gift that isn’t heart-shaped or a cliché – a real challenge.

But for millions more, February means American Heart Month: 28 days dedicated to the awareness of Heart Disease, which fatally impacts 1 out of every 3 people. Since Heart Month was established 40 years ago, death rates from cardiovascular diseases have plunged by an astounding 50% - truly one of the great public health achievements of the past century.


Image by Shimelle Laine used under CC license.


American Heart Month has undoubtedly made a lasting impact – year after year executed in a rather seamless fashion. Thousands of companies around the world join forces with the American Heart Association to ‘Go Red’ acting as ambassadors and supporters of the cause all month long. So why do companies attach themselves with this particular organization with the option to do so with so many other important charities?

Let’s take a look at why American Heart Association’s Heart Month creates the perfect marriage between businesses, companies and brands alike:

Familiarity: Heart Month is extremely relevant as nearly 98% of Americans are familiar with the American Heart Association. Both the American Heart Association and Heart Month are highly recognizable and have hit home with employees, partners and customers. With so many people suffering with Heart Disease the campaign makes a personal impact and creates a sense of corporate community. The red color, the heart logo and the traditions remain consistent. Each year the Heart Association chooses the first Friday of every February asks participates to wear red– a small gesture that creates a lasting impact.

Confidence: The pre-existing brand awareness and trust that the American Heart Association developed remains strong.  Brands are confident that the American Heart Association is a trusted organization that saves lives every day. It’s a vital aspect of every successful campaign to instill a great amount of credibility in the organization at hand. Heart Month doesn’t use flashy tactics – instead the organization focuses on the hard facts and prevention tips that save the lives of millions.

Constantly Innovating: The American Heart Association continues to evolve its campaign every year while remaining true to its core values. Recently the organization implemented the ‘Life is Why’ messaging. For decades, the American Heart Association has been telling people what to do to be healthy – eat less, exercise more, don’t smoke. Now, they are focusing on why people should make the healthy choice. Why they want to have a longer, healthier life. Heart Month is designed to remind Americans of the sheer importance of staying healthy in order to live a happy life. Promoting this message and providing tactical heart healthy tips creates a successful campaign.

What do you think makes Heart Month so successful year after year? Let us know!


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