PAN Communications Launches a New Website!

Mark Nardone

After months of hard work and creative brainstorming with marketing executives and our internal marketing team, we are very excited to announce and unveil a new look to our website today. Understanding that we are in the business of evaluating our client’s brands and position on a daily basis, we decided to stop the train and take a look at how WE tell the PAN story and market all of the important facets of what makes our firm stand out. So we came to a very simple conclusion - we just weren’t speaking enough to and with our target audience – the marketer. Websites have become one of the most powerful mediums to control the owned element of the marketing puzzle and we hear more and more that companies and marketers make their choices based on the content they gather (along with WOM and referrals), and not necessarily by reaching out to ask specific agency questions during their evaluation process. We narrowed the positioning and messaging down to some important questions all marketers should be asking as they look to their next agency partner. Here are some highlights from the website regarding what today’s C-level marketers are thinking as they shared key pain points with our firm:

  1. Are you Building Brand Ambassadors?
    • There’s no arguing that employees, consumers, partners and influencers are one of the best ways to build a brand. Why? Trust. You trust an individual’s personal endorsement vs. an advertisement - which is why this should be a big initiative for a marketer. It’s vital. It’s reality. It might sound easy to do, but it involves careful planning, strategy and execution.
  2. Are you really integrated?
    • You’re creating true points of differentiation throughout your industry – via whitepapers, influencer relations, videos or other social platforms. But are you maximizing visibility by integrating? Make sure your program is reaching key audiences in different ways. Having a fragmented communication strategy will waste all the compelling assets you have to leverage throughout your PR program – and that would be a shame, not to mention a waste of money.
  3. Is your content delivering value?
    • Your company consistently creates content. But is it unique, creative and provocative, or are you repeating what others have already said? Captivating your audience with a new way of thinking or communicating a new idea will impress your readers, followers and influencers and support the ultimate goal of lead gen and sales support.
  4. Are you measuring effectively?
    • Creating programs are an important part of your job, but so is measurement - we understand that and share that responsibility with you. There was a lull with social and traditional media measurement, but now that we can measure engagement with robust analytics, it will make a world of difference when it comes to your agency’s performance as it relates to specific KPIs and most importantly - ROI.

If you’re thinking about these major points, then you’re most likely already in pursuit of these initiatives. If not, then it’s time to talk and get on board. PAN has the expertise and know how to put your brand on the map and guide you through effective strategies so you can maximize on all the hard work you’re putting into your brand. If you’re ready for CHANGE, feel free to email me with any questions. We hope you enjoy your experience with our new website and welcome any and all feedback.

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