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Joshua Slivinksi

I recently interviewed  a lead member of Vantage’s marketing team, John Vernon. In this interview, I ask him his thoughts on strategies, the direction of the industry, and what he loves most about his line of work.

These are the lessons I’ve taken away.

What are your preferred skills to build a successful marketing campaign?

John values creativity in the marketing strategy and agency communication on client accounts. Creativity is what makes a hook stand out with media and influencers and gain consumer attention. Having strong communication within the agency and with the client ensures that there is a consistent honed message. With these two values combined and applied across Social Media, PR, and Marketing makes for some of the most successful media campaigns.  

What marketing skills do you personally use the most?


Media relations is his most used skill. Media relations is a process that builds and nurtures relationships with the media and clients. This is critical because relationships with influencers and editors is what ensures that client PR receives the best coverage possible.  John ensures that even when we are not pitching on the behalf of clients that we are keeping in contact with influencers and building our connections the them.

What direction do you think marketing is going in the next 5 years?

In the next 5 years, John thinks that we will see agencies becoming more of a one-stop shop. This will be for client convenience, and make the PR and marketing process more streamlined and client focused. Having more services in-house will lend itself to better communication and increased consistency between the PR and Marketing messages. PR agencies in 5 years will have more digital, and possibly offer services that are not on the table today.

What is the favorite part of your job?

John’s favorite part of his job is related to building media relations. He enjoys working with the media daily. This is a line of work that allows him to be very social and get to be a people person. It is also a line of work that allows for creativity on a variety of different subjects.

What has your favorite client project been?

One of his favorite projects has been working on a desalination account. Vantage PR is a company partially based in California where there is currently the worst drought in a millenia. Working with our desalination technology client for coverage is incredibly relevant to our state of California, and it promotes the security of something essential to life, water.

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