Horse meat becomes PR problem, social-media joke

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This post is courtesy of Bruce Horovitz and originally appeared on USA Today.

February 27, 2013

If only the spinmeisters could paint this horse a different color.

In recent weeks, unlabeled horse meat has been linked in Europe with some of the world's biggest and most familiar brands: Burger King, Nestlé, Tesco and this week, Ikea. One by one, each has tried to explain away the mess.

But in a social-media world, a problem in the U.K. instantly becomes a global issue. Now, even Americans are wondering: Is unlabeled horse meat going to show up here? At issue: Should each of these brands proactively address this question in the USA?

"It's all over Twitter," public relations consultant Katie Delahaye Paine says. "You can't ignore anything related to food these days because it spreads around the world so quickly."

Social-media jokes abound, such as this Twitter post: In reaction to the horse meat found in their meatballs, Ikea has decided to sell the raw ingredients in a pack for you to assemble yourself.

But this is no joke. The brands are taking it seriously. "This is clearly not a good situation," says Hannah Coan, a Nestlé USA spokeswoman. "We are doing everything we can to address this issue in a timely and transparent way."

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