Cutting through the Clutter at CES for ClearView® Audio

Kristin Patterson

With more than 200,000 attendees, generating attention at CES is no easy task – especially if you’re a new company with a product that hasn’t even hit the market yet. But, with careful preparation and the right strategy in place, products can go from unknown to buzzworthy in a matter of 24-48 hours – as was the case this week for PAN client ClearView Audio.

ClearView Audio introduced Clio™, an invisible wireless speaker and a 2014 CES Innovations Design & Engineering Honoree, at CES Unveiled earlier this week. CES Unveiled is the official media event of CES International, and provides a sneak-peek of new products as well as awards honorees.

From the moment Clio was unveiled, it attracted tremendous attention from attendees and media as evidenced by real-time commentary among key influencers. Near immediate coverage appeared in significant outlets such as CNET, Engadget and USA Today, fueling heightened interest in Clio leading up to opening day at CES. These early placements drove booth traffic and buzz with throngs of show goers anxious to check out the invisible speaker.

A robust schedule of appointments and media interviews secured in advance of the show ensured that ClearView Audio experts were available immediately for interviews – especially in a fast-paced environment such as CES. Many reviews and articles appeared within mere hours of the interviews, demonstrating the excitement around Clio – especially as it won Engadget’s Best of CES in the audio category.

Following Clio’s CES launch, some 130 articles appeared generating approximately 312 million media impressions … all in the span of just five days. At the same time traffic to the website jumped from double-digits to 20,000 visitors.

Critical to Clio’s successful launch was the preparation in the weeks and months leading up to CES from message training client spokespeople to booking designated suites for one-on-one meetings for media as well as investors and sales people. Furthermore, the presence of a large, dedicated team to address all aspects of the show was critical.

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