Lace up for National Walking Day!

Liz Aguilo

I have to admit, I don’t often make time during the workday to step away from my desk and enjoy the fresh air. But without fail, every time I do, I can feel the difference. There are countless studies outlining the benefits of walking and anyone who partakes in this easy, low-impact (and free!) activity can certainly attest to them. One of the most important benefits? It’s good for your heart. Here at PAN, we are always looking for fun ways to support employee health via our PANFIT wellness program. Today, we are happy to join the AHA for National Walking Day by wearing our active wear to work and going out for a walk!


national walking day

For those of us who are lucky enough to call PAN our home, we have the added incentive of a beautiful walking path right at our doorstep – the Boston Harborwalk! This is the path I took today and I can honestly say that those 30 minutes of fresh air, physical activity and zero emails were quite refreshing. With spring finally here, I will be making it a point to get out and enjoy the beautiful waterfront more regularly! Are you lacing up today too?



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