Why Traditional Matters but Mobile Rules

Mark Nardone

Behavioral analytics. Micro-segmentation marketing. Big data, smart data and real-time data…

The list of so-called “resources” for marketers goes on and on. One thing is for sure in 2014, marketing is absolutely primed to be the CHANGE AGENT. Sure our industry talked about this three or four years ago, but never has the opportunity been so palpable – or possible. Yes, there’s commonality between all these micro-segmentation approaches (segmenting your target markets really a new concept??), but if marketers don’t take the time to understand each audience and how they find, evaluate, purchase, complain (let’s hope not much) and refer the products or services fueled by their most valued asset under today’s standards, then they could be adding kindling to (shall I say it) “disengagement” from the very same brand evangelists that put them on the map.

Having a nimble content strategy that blends into the way your customer consumes data will provide a far better engagement outcome – and ultimately drive a healthier interaction with your brand.

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So, what’s the right starting point for marketers? How about developing a healthy content program?

What you should really be asking is: How are audiences consuming content? The good news is, data exists. There’s that resource again… Starting first with our Content Fitness Test Report, yours to use entirely and packed with data, including those around content consumption behavior and resources. Have a look to strengthen your marketing strategy: http://bit.ly/ORDUhM.

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