Are we Finally Reaching an Intelligent Approach to Social Media Engagement?

Mark Nardone

Social businesses are innovating at rapid speeds in order to stay ahead of the ever-evolving world of social media. Case in point - Facebook recently announced some changes that will shape the way marketers use the platform and provide more engagement (or shall I say sales) opportunities. The new changes will allow marketers to track users across multiple devices throughout the day and engage with them like never before. In addition, the leading social network recently hinted that Instagram will become more integrated into its platform, becoming yet another potential change that will be beneficial to marketers with added channels of connection to their users.

This visibility is obviously great news for marketers competing for customer reach in an increasingly integrated industry, where using creative methods of engagement and measurement is paramount. But some privacy experts have concerns about how users’ information will be utilized by marketers as well as around who owns that ownership. While privacy concerns are an issue with any personal data, there is also a growing frustration among consumers who are becoming overwhelmed by content at every turn and on every device.

Imagine a world where marketers engaged in smart content strategy, delivery and engagement. The changes inside Facebook, while they open up more opportunities for marketers to engage with consumers, also encourage marketers to be more targeted with how they engage. This can help limit consumer’s growing frustration with the deluge of content that they receive every day. A smart content strategy could provide responsible marketers the analytics needed to engage with consumers how, when and where they want as well as provide them the type of content that they desire the most.

Facebook’s changes will offer marketers a deeper connection to their customers’ experience by:

  • Having the ability to gain insights into devices of choice and teeing up smarter customer-content driven campaigns geared toward usability and behaviors
  • Offering a great opportunity to deliver tailored, sharable content in many formats to influence further purchasing decisions
  • Altering times of day and other key strategies based on multi-device insight (evening at home on iPad vs laptop or smartphone at other times of the day)
  • Providing yet one more measurement metric for the marketer becoming a key player in the commerce supply chain by driving revenue and moving the consumer down the pathway to purchase.

Of course, there is always the chance of marketers misusing data and mishandling how they engage consumers. But that ship has already sailed. These changes, if anything, signal that privacy advocates should be working with marketing professionals on how to deliver a more intelligent approach to content marketing and engagement. After all – it’s really what the customer deserves.

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