2014, A Year to Be Thankful For

Marki Conway

It's that time of year again - the time when we're all rolling our eyes at the retailers and brands who started vying for our holiday shopping money the day after Halloween. But also, the time to stop and think about what a year it has been, and how grateful we are for the people and opportunities in our lives. It's easy to get caught up in everyday annoyances, like no more snacks in the snack drawer, a rainy day, car troubles or even just a good old case of the Mondays. Truly though, we all have so much to be thankful for. Think of this:

  • Around 1 billion people live on less than $1.25 every day. - World Bank
  • Nearly 1 billion people live without clean drinking water. - Charity Water
  • Most of the world - over 4 billion people - still don’t have access to the internet. - United Nations

For me, this puts things in perspective. I am not saying we don't all have our own issues and matters to deal with, be burdened by, or get sad about. All I am saying, is that we have a lot to be thankful for, too. At PAN, we are all grateful for the agency's most profitable year in PAN's history, and for a management team that continues to lead this agency with passion for the industry and their employees.DSC_0172

Here at PAN, we like to joke around with each other quite a bit. But today, we give thanks. We all came together and enjoyed PAN's first ever Thanksgiving Luncheon. While there are lot of things to choose from, I asked the staff to each share with me a few things they're most grateful for in 2014. It truly has been an amazing year professionally, and it appears that it's been amazing personally for many PAN staffers, too. See for yourself:

Professional Thanks

  • "I’m thankful to be working at an agency that I can see myself at for a long time; partially because of the amazing clients but more so because of all the employees that have welcomed me so warmly." - Ashley Waters

  • "I’m grateful for clients who act as partners. I find the quality of clients at PAN to be exceptional and that our day to day contacts view us as teammates, not vendors. It’s a win win, as our teams are challenged to do our very best when thinking through strategy and execution!" Lisen Syp

  • "I’m thankful for how incredibly welcoming and kind everyone at PAN has been from the day I started! Also for the endless supply of cold water and ice – my favorite." - Alyssa Wood, who doesn't yet know that in the summer, ice at PAN is a hot commodity

  • "I’m thankful for the PAN Brand Ambassadors and the daily work they do to promote PAN. I’m thankful for new clients, new opportunities and creative campaigns that make every single day different and exciting." - Katelyn Campbell
  • "I’m thankful for the people that have helped PAN achieve record growth in 2014!" - Philip A. Nardone
  • "I’m grateful to be part of such a wonderful PR team, the playpen, the wine our office supplies and my shadow!" - Sofia Coon, who is lucky enough to have me as her shadow
  • "For all of our new employees that have started this year and jumped right in!" - Jenny Gardynski
  • "I am thankful for the opportunity to join the PAN family. Thankful for new PAN friends, new clients, new learning experiences and new adventures (and that our offices are right next to the aquarium!)." - Gaby Berkman
  • "I am thankful to be interning at an agency with such welcoming and helpful employees!" - Kelley Flynn
  • “I am thankful for being accepted into the PAN community and starting out my career in such a hardworking, yet fun environment. I am grateful that for my first job, I am working on a career path that excites me, but most of all motivates me to work to the best of my ability – I learn something new every day.” - Courtney Laub

  • "My new MacBook Air from PAN!" - Kyle Tildsley, though Caitlyn Keating wishes she could say the same
  • "I am most thankful this year for my partner in crime Liz Aguilo, she is not only an amazing HR professional but she is truly one of the most compassionate people I have ever met. Thanks Liz, for being the best HR partner anyone could ask for." Elizabeth Famiglietti
  • "I am thankful for being elected President/King of the Playpen. Happy to lead this unit into the promised land and beyond, so a strong and warm thanks to my constituents for making this possible." - John Austin Samuel Pinkham, The First, who was not elected to anything, but especially not a fake position for a made-up corner of the office
  • "I am grateful for the PAN holiday party being earlier by one day this year so I can finally attend! I am also grateful for the environment and the people that make up PAN." - Britt Gottlieb
  • "I am grateful to work with colleagues who make coming to work a fun experience every day." - Kathryn McMahon. You're welcome, Kath.
  • "I’m thankful for a flexible work environment where you can pursue your passions." - Erin Spencer
  • "I am thankful that hashtags have gone mainstream and are widely used in all aspects of life, including speech. I am thankful that people don’t over use the words integrated or content. I am thankful for a wonderfully talented group of professionals to work with side by side and learn from each day. I am thankful for great friends and family and the simple pleasures that life brings." - Dan Martin, who I can only assume is being very sarcastic for the first two expressions of gratitude...
  • "Professionally, I am thankful for this awesome, amazing staff that perform like no other on a daily basis and personally, for the work family that was there for me when I needed them most." - Lisa Astor
  • "I'm thankful for my colleagues who have become close friends, for managers who forgive my many #MarkiProblemz, and that PAN even showed up to my Halloween party spontaneously, in a party bus." - Marki Conway

Personal Thanks:DSC_0194

  • "I’m thankful my niece is happy and healthy, and I’m thankful my mother is five years free of breast cancer." - Nicholas Porter

  • "I’m thankful to be less than a year from my wedding (Sept 2015!) after the world’s longest engagement." - Ashley Waters
  • "Thankful for my totally awesome new loft apartment, where I pretend to be a hipster with brick walls and Christmas lights year-round." - Alyssa Wood

  • "I had many things to be grateful for in 2013 but 2014 was even better. I’m thankful to PAN for hosting a first-time home buyer seminar which helped me in finding and purchasing a new home. I’m thankful for our first year of marriage and our adorable puppy, Riley." Katelyn Campbell, who will always be D'Eramo to me
  • "I’m thankful for what 2014 has brought me – getting engaged and buying our first home." - Jenny Gardynski, soon to have an easier-to-spell last name (Radloff)
  • "Super thankful for such supportive friends, family and boyfriend – thanks for being so great!" - Gaby Berkman
  • "I am grateful for my health, my husband and this exciting next chapter of my career." - Megan Kessler
  • "I have missed the last two Thanksgivings working abroad, so I am thankful that this year I get to celebrate the holiday with my family again. On a related note, I’m also thankful that obscene amounts of pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes and gravy are back in my life!" - Sara Bosco
  • "I’m thankful for my now 15-month-old daughter, who’s happy, healthy, walking and talking." - Kim Leadley
  • “I am thankful for my beautiful daughter Abigail Beatrix, who made me a mother in January!” - Sarah Tatone

  • "We’re grateful for spontaneous vacations and coworkers that care." - Cori Kendrick and Lauren Kaufman, who went on approximately 10 last-minute international vacations this year
  • "I am thankful for all of my candy-loving colleagues, Netflix and my handsome cat, Lego." - Jen Bonney, who I love for naming her cat that
  • "I'm incredibly grateful for a family who has supported me no matter what, for friends who don't take me too seriously, and for a girlfriend who is my rock. Also, grateful for how comical it is that none of these people have any idea what I do for a living." - Marki Conway
  • "I'm thankful for having four Thanksgiving meals this year." - Ariel Burch, who gave me this quote 10 seconds before I hit publish

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