PAN Predicts! Wearables, Analytics and Agency Success

Shelly Runyon

It’s hard to believe that 2015 is upon us, but here at PAN we could not be more excited. Our clients are some of the most forward-thinking companies from Greater Boston, the United States and Europe. As some of us prepare to kick 2015 off at CES, or planning new campaigns to showcase innovation that will soon integrate into our lives, we are taking a moment to reflect on what may come.

Please enjoy our predictions for the New Year – check back at the end of the year to see how many came true!

Let’s get started with some staff industry predictions:

The New York Times will respond to its troubled times with a major change or overhaul of their business and editorial model (more contributed content, perhaps?)

“Likewise, Forbes will overhaul its contributor model – less contributors, more dedicated writers

“The Apple Watch will have a very slow take-off among the general consumer population, but early adopters and tech reporters will go nuts over it when it’s first available.

“In general, outside of health and fitness, wearable devices will continue to experience slow adoption as businesses and consumers alike continue to search for a true reason, valuable purpose and use cases for smart watches and glasses.

“Q1 2015 will be a HUGE month for the VC community, with startups in the mobile app community all vying for the attention – and dollars – of top investors.”

Marki Conway, Senior Associate


“Hearables will take over the wearable space … it will be all about tech on your ears rather than on your wrists.”

Ashley Waters, Sr. Associate


“In a world filled with digital interactions, I predict that all the talk about targeted, responsive and contextual engagement across all industries – from predictive analytics in healthcare to personalized recommendation engines online – will be fully realized. 2015 will be the year we bring back the irreplaceable art of the human touch.”

Nikki Festa, Director


We’re all excited about what way may happen in 2015 here at PAN:

“We’ll climb the rankings of the best PR firms in Massachusetts and break into the top 10.”

Shelly Runyon, Sr. Associate


“I predict PAN’s 20th anniversary will be a huge success!"

Erin Spencer, Associate, PR & Marketing


“PAN will have a second location in 2015 and be recognized again as a ‘Best Places to Work.’

Phil Nardone, President & Founder


And let’s not forget those personal resolutions:

“I’ll get more involved in charity and volunteer organizations that are important to me!”

Ashley Waters Sr. Associate


“I’ll complete my first half marathon – next July in Portland, Maine, can’t wait!”

Shelly Runyon, Sr. Associate


What about you? What are your predictions in 2015? Leave it in a comment below or tweet it to us at @PANcomm.


Happy New Year and best wishes in 2015 from all of us at PAN.


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