Timing a Successful Social Media Strategy

Joshua Slivinksi

The timing of your social media strategy is critical to its impact. Posting on social media when it is most likely to be viewed broadens the reach of content and stretches your marketing dollar.


There is incredible competition for a viewer’s attention, and timing can be the difference osOCIAL MEDIA sTRATEGY (2)f getting lost or noticed in a news feed.

The timing of your posts should be an element of your strategy like content and digital medium if you are to utilize time and resources to their fullest potential. You want to post when the audience is most present and aware; and likely to follow through to the content you are promoting. If you are trying to reach out to connect with business professionals, your post should be targeted to times at which they are most active and available. A recent online survey byBuzzStream identified early morning and late evening as the times where the most content is consumed by all demographics. This survey also identified that Millennials and Gen X consume digital media in a very similar way, and that Baby Boomers consume more online content in the morning. Online tools such as FanpageKarma can help you identify optimal timing for posts to your ideal consumer. Hootsuite can allow you to take those insights and turn it into a perfectly planned and timed social media strategy across multiple platforms by allowing you to choose your social platform and formulate a post that it will automatically publish at the time that works best for you. .

       Social media is highly personable, and personal insights can be pivotal in reaching consumers. Think about your own consumption habits when planning your strategy. When were you last online? What makes you decide to click through on a link? Learn as much as possible about your team’s social media preferences and combine it with research about your target market. If you are representative of the target demographic, think about how the daily lives of members of your generation looks. Use your personal insights to enhance your strategy, use intuition like this where you can not find data.

       Similar to timing is frequency; finding a golden-ratio in posts. A good frequency provides enough of your content to maintain top of mind awareness. To help you with this, you should know the average amount of people your followers are following. If your followers are following many other pages, they receive hundreds of messages a day on their feed. You should increase your posting frequency to stay noticed, but be mindful as to not post too much and be perceived as desperate or spam.

       Content is king, but the timing of your strategy ensures that your content best reaches those you are targeting. Measuring your frequency gives value to your posts and brand and ensures that consumers will think of you first when they have a need. The best strategy is a well rounded one, and I encourage you to consider when you’re posting next time you reach out to your consumers on social media.


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