What Your PR Agency Should Be Doing for You This Year

Ashley McGuire

It doesn’t take long to realize how quickly the year goes by and just how important it is to make sure your PR agency Public Relationsis doing all that it can to set you and your company up for success.

Here are five tips for how your PR agency can do just that:

1. Strategy Meeting 

First and foremost it’s important that your PR firm understands your goals and objectives. These goals can change over time and they need to be identified right out of the gate to truly get the ball rolling at the beginning of the year. Setting up a strategy meeting for the movers and shakers in your company and the PR firm is the best way to hash out those goals for the year in addition to any upcoming news announcements.  Once company goals have been identified, it’s best to brainstorm how you’re each going to work towards accomplishing them. Make sure to document the expectations for both parties so you can ensure success as well as develop a cohesive plan of how you’re going to measure your results in a way that both parties fully understand the terms. If you’re interested in having more contributed content published to continue the momentum throughout slow periods of the year, outline what you expect from your agency along with how you, as the CEO, are going to help achieve this goal.

2. Milestones

Secondly, your PR firm should be aware of any company milestones this year. This is a great opportunity to highlight the success the company has had in past years and creates excitement for the year ahead for not only the public but your employees as well.  Celebrating milestones, whether its years since establishment or even a funding announcement; these announcements can raise company morale and garner a great amount of attention in the media. Make sure your PR firm is asking these questions so that your company is able to capitalize on important and well deserved moments. Milestones are almost always worthy of a press release to keep the public informed. Your PR firm should have these dates on hand to take advantage of this newsworthy opportunity.

3. Editorial Calendars

Editorial calendars may be a tool that your PR agency hasn’t fully discovered. They are like a little hidden gem in the PR world.  Editorial Calendars are available for most publications, often viewed by advertising companies, to display themes the publication will be covering each month. There’s a good chance some topics are relevant to your company and your PR team should provide you with these opportunities and utilize your company as a resource for the journalist. It’s important that your agency has a systematic way of tracking these opportunities for you which should be regularly updated to stay on top of new opportunities and deadlines. This should be started in the beginning of the year, as some contributed content and editorial calendars have deadlines months in advance.

4. Tradeshows

Tradeshows are a great way to showcase not only your product but also your company brand, whether it’s through exhibiting or a speaking engagement. Along with a tracker for your Editorial Calendars it’s equally important to keep an ongoing tracker of tradeshows. If tradeshows are a new component to your PR strategy, make sure this is made clear to your agency in your strategy meeting mentioned above. There are a ton of different shows and your agency should help narrow down the target audience of each so there’s no wasted time in applying to ones that aren’t a fit for your company. Once you have a solid foundation built, it’s extremely important to stay up to date on call for papers/abstracts and deadlines for submissions. Ask your PR team to keep you updated on these deadlines and make sure they’re continually mentioned on your weekly calls so you don’t miss an opportunity to showcase your company or speak to an important audience. Additionally, once you’ve attended a tradeshow, be sure to give feedback to your PR team. Was the show not the right target audience? Or perhaps it led to new business and you wish to attend the following year. Your PR team will note your comments and reflect them in the tracker for the future.

5. Awards

Another way to boost your PR this year is through awards and as mentioned in the above points, you need a tracker for these too. Awards are a strong way to build credit and recognition for your company and strengthen its brand name in the industry. Your PR agency should be made aware of the types of awards you’re interested in applying for, as well as the people in your company that may be a fit for them. It’s also important that your PR agency considers additional people in the company as award recipients instead of the same person each time. This allows your company to apply for a wide variety of awards and can also help build employee morale and appreciation for the brand. In addition to searching online for industry awards it’s good to note tradeshow award opportunities. If your PR firm really wants to hit the ground running in the new year they should pay special attention to tradeshow opportunities that have awards linked directly to them. This will enable your team to hit two birds with one stone, becoming more efficient with their time and delivering you the results you deserve.


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